BALL AND VASE $2.99 - A ball is displayed in a handsome vase. The ball is removed from the vase and placed in teacher’s pocket. Suddenly, the students are shocked because the ball has returned inside the vase! No sleight of hand necessary. And with another incantation, the ball disappears from the vase and PRESTO, it’s back in the pocket! A ball is placed into the vase. Instantly, the ball vanishes and reappears in teacher's pocket. Just as quickly, the ball reappears in the vase. The 3” high plastic vase comes complete with all necessary props and detailed, professional instructions. The “FL Magic 101” DVD features this entire trick with teacher suggestions. An amazing trick- even for a young child or a beginner, but baffling and entertaining enough for anyone. The vase can be passed around for examination. Paint the ball blue and trace a map of world onto it with a black Sharpie as if a globe. It becomes the World Cup (soccer)! Or, it can be a cup of ice cream. And the ice cream keeps disappearing. Think of the stories you could weave! Perfect size for classroom!
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