The ‘folding papers' that change dollars to euros or any type of currency. Change coins to postage stamps! Use to produce, vanish, or change any small, flat object.

They'll see it, but they won't believe it! A dollar bill is folded inside four sheets of paper. When the sheets are opened, the bill has changed into foreign currency, a $100. bill, coins or anything similar in size! A very versatile effect that's very easy to do - even for beginners! With Buddha Money Mystery The language teacher's possibilities are endless.

Change one item or picture into another - with no skill! The teacher opens a set of folded papers one by one following students' choral commands, and places a small object inside. The papers are then re-folded with students repeating the commands in the reverse. Upon opening the package of papers again, everyone is astonished to find the small object has changed, or even vanished!

Or... place a question inside. Reopen the folded papers and ... find the answer folded up where the question had seemingly been. The possibilities are endless. No one ever figures it out.

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