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The Double (or, Repeat!) Change Bag SPECIAL only $19.95 (while supply lasts!)

Make things disappear and then reappear, and reappear again - transformed!!!

Perform number magic and science magic with this bag!

Produce your target culture’s flag by tossing in silk scarves or the appropriate color. A moment later - out comes an even bigger flag (silks and flags not included), see demo and instructions on FL Magic 101 DVD!

The Magic Change Bag is a language teacher’s #1 secret device. It’s a brightly colored sack with a wooden handle and opening. This “change bag” has been used by magicians for hundreds of years. It is one of the most useful and versatile magic tools available to a foreign language teacher magician. It works with any object that fits into the bag.

The current model is a JUMBO size and is a DOUBLE or REPEAT CHANGE BAG that comes with a sheet of 12 easy tricks.

Price discounted this fall to encourage language teachers to dive into the world of language magic with this multi-use prop.

Need more ideas??? Get the “FL Magic 101” DVD with its entire sequence showing just how to use the Magic Change Bag and its bonus searchable "Magic Word List" with hundreds of extra tips, full of story ideas for this device! The price will never again be so low!

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