$19.95 The CHANGE BAG WITH ZIPPER is one of the most versatile props in language teacher magic. I use this more than any other prop! You can show the bag unmistakably empty. Adds an even greater mystique to any change bag illusion. Great for showcasing your collection of props! Make the language come alive with concrete objects - TOTAL comprehension!

Use the Change Bag with any object that fits into the bag: Place some small silk hankies into the bag and viola! They change into a target country flag, a multi-colored silk hanky, streamers, playing cards, a knotted chain of hankies or even a sock! (Flags, hankies, socks not included - get some a garage sales or second hand shops. Use your color copier and the internet to find a flag). Produce a small live animal?

... or, candies from the ingredients? Another day, put in loose word strips and the words are magically transformed into a fully formed sentence? Endless options!

• Produce! • Vanish! • Change!

Put an item inside the bag, then upzip bottom and turn it inside out - VANISHED!

Turn the bag right side out again? IT REAPPEARS!

• Show the bag unmistakably empty. Adds an even greater mystique to your illusion! Unzip the bottom of the bag and poke your arm through it until it sticks out the other end! Let the students see completely through the bag! Nothing there! A moment later ... whatever you want, comes tumbling out before their very eyes!

• Plush Red Velvety Bag with Gold Fringe and Speckled Black Wooden Handle. This is a utility prop of 101 uses, see FREE “Language Teacher Magic” Newsletter (Fall and Winter issues) at the end of this page for numerous presentation ideas. My favorite prop! SEE Judi in action with the Zippered Change Bag FLAG TRICK on “FL Magic 101” DVD!!!

NUMEROUS linguistic, math, science, cultural lesson ideas in the “Language Teacher Magic Newsletter” download FREE on this website: Winter Issue!

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