PRODUCTION BOX (4” Cube w/ mirror). Easy assembly required. The box is shown empty by opening the front and top doors. Open BOTH doors and the class sees the box is definitely empty inside.

The doors are closed, the box is turned over and over and then a gigantic production is made! It comes with a sponge rabbit but any object that fits may be used!
Easy to use, and inexpensive, yet has a big impact, and works well for classroom-sized audiences. The front door of the box is opened and the class can clearly see that the box is empty.
Close the front door, open the top door, and suddenly pull out a large number of scarves, flowers or other props. Or, put in white balls and colored slips and end up with colored balls. Put in a question and out comes an answer! Put in ingredients plus a toy stove (or a red paper flame), and out comes a (small) cooked product!
Find twenty great ideas for using this box at by clicking on the map saying “Foreign Language Division” and then on the words “Magic Handout.”

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